12' x 28' Lofted Barn with garage package.  The package includes a 9' x 7' roll up door, 12" on center floor joists, a solid walk through door, and a 2' x 3' window.  12' wide buildings have four pressure treated runners, which are notched for pressure treated 2" x 4" floor joists.  The floor decking is 5/8" tongue and groove engineered panels which are flatter and stiffer resulting in a more stable floor.  The siding is LP Smart Panel siding, painted with clay colored exterior paint, with barn white trim paint.  The 2' x 3' window is on the back of the building, opposite to the roll up door.  The solid walk in door is to the right, when entering from the roll up door.   Garage floor options are designed for 40 lb/sq. ft. live load and 300 lb/sq. ft. point load.  Can upgrade floor joists and decking to increase floor load capacity on ordered buildings.  This building comes with 29 gauge burnished slate metal roof, which has a 30 year limited warranty.  The solid house door come with a set of two matching keys.  Additional options are available on custom ordered buildings.

Now $6,820

Rent to own available: $315.74 (36 months) or $252.59 (60 months)

Prices do not include tax or cost of concrete block