Message from Brookstone Buildings

Due to sudden and unprecedented building materials cost increases resulting from record demand as well as material shortages, Old Hickory Buildings has been forced to implement its first ever building materials surcharge to cover these ongoing cost increases. Delivery lead-times are also significantly extended in some areas. This surcharge will be applied to the base price (not including add-on packages or options) you may find in brochures, price sheets, inside buildings, dealer websites, social media pages, or elsewhere. Newmart Builders, our metal building supplier has also had a price increase as the cost of metal has risen to record highs as well.  Please consult your local dealer for exact pricing and current lead times on your desired Old Hickory building or Newmart Metal building. Lumber and metal futures are uncertain, therefore prices subject to change without notice.

If you're not sure if your desired shed location is deliverable, or if you need a site check, fill out this form first to give our delivery person and manager a good idea of what the area is like.  If further information is needed, a delivery driver or a manager may reach out to you.

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