Now $2,525

Rent to own available: $116.90 (36 months) or $93.52 (60 months), with $100 security deposit - NO CREDIT CHECK

8' x 12' side lofted barn storage shed with two 2' x 3' window and single barn door. The inside wall height is 6'3".  The siding is LP Smart Panel zinc borate treated siding and has a 50 year warranty through the siding manufacturer.  The building is built with 16" on center studs, 24" on center trusses, 2" x 4" floor joists, 4" x 6" pressure treated skids, which are notched for 16" on center floor joists, which are also pressure treated.  The floor is 5/8" tongue and groove engineered panels, which has exceptional strength and stiffness for a flatter, more stable floor.  The flooring is free of knots and patches with a thermally fused face, and the resins are moisture resistant. Standard floor options are designed for 40 lb/sq. ft. live load and 200 lb/sq. ft. point load.  This building comes with 29 gauge metal roof, which has a 30 year limited warranty.  The barn door comes with a set of two matching keys.  Additional options are available on custom ordered buildings.

Free delivery up to 30 miles on any in stock buildings; over 30 miles, $2/mile. 

Prices do not include tax or cost of concrete block