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How much is delivery?

Delivery is based off of how the building is ordered and where it is coming from.

  • BUILDINGS ON SALES LOTS:  30 miles are included free, after which mileage fee is $4/mile (except 14ft and 16ft wide buildings).  14ft and 16ft wide buildings are rarely in stock, however it is $5/mile for 14ft wide buildings, and $6/mile for 16ft wide buildings.
  • ORDERED BUILDINGS:  Shop ordered buildings that must be built, delivery is free.

How soon can it be delivered?

BUILDINGS ON SALES LOTS:  Can USUALLY be delivered within 5 – 8 days. [WEATHER PERMITTING]


Is there any site prep necessary?

If the site is accessible by truck and trailer, and the site is no more than 3 feet out of level, no site prep is required. It is optional, but it can be beneficial to level the area and lay a gravel pad.  If the site is more than 3 ft out of level, but it is accessible, it is *highly recommended* to build a shed foundation to level your site for placement. 

Do you offer build on site?

Yes, we offer build on site. Available options and lead times vary.

What is the down payment required to start an order?

  • Cash, Debit or Credit Card purchases: 10% down at time of order, remainder due at delivery. Drivers do not accept card payments, however a check is acceptable.
  • Rent-to-Own: At time of order, we require the security deposit and first month's rent. The month starts on the day your building is delivered.
  • Build-on-Site: 50% of the building cost is due at time of order. Remainder and build on site fee are paid at time of build.

Do I need concrete blocks? and how many?

The buildings are built with ground-rated treated skids, but more often than not, the site isn't level and concrete blocks are used to level the building. The blocks can be purchased directly from our drivers or customers may supply their own blocks. Each site is different, many are slightly sloped, some more than others, so the quantity of blocks depends on your site.  It is also optional to purchase additional blocks to increase airflow under the building.

Is there any additional cost for shop ordered buildings?

There is no additional fee to order a building to be built by the shop. There is a fee on cancellations or revisions if you have already placed the order (signed and paid).

Do you offer vinyl siding?

Yes, vinyl siding is an additional 20% of the base price of the building.  Please contact us with any questions or if you would like a quote.

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